Multiphoton Tomography (MPT)

MPT is a novel tissue imaging method based on femtosecond laser technology. MPT has the best resolution of all tomography methods providing optical biopsies and optical metabolic images with chemical information for rapid in vivo histology. MPT tissue images are based on two-photon fluorescence, SHG, and Raman (CARS) signals.


Exposure of tissue with intense near infrared (NIR) femtosecond (fs)  laser pulses result in two major signals: the autofluorescence (AF) and second harmonic generation (SHG). Both signals can be used to image cells and the extracellular matrix (ECM) without further labeling. The signal occurs only in the focus of a high numerical aperture (NA) objective. This allows non-invasive in vivo tissue histology within minutes.

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Modern CE certified MPT tomographs with the optomechanical arm and 360° measurement head can be used as inverted as well as upright two-photon flexible microscopes. Clinical MPT tomographs can easily be moved to the bedside. "En-face" optical sections with submicron resolution and vertical sections provide 3D information.

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MPT applications include early detection of skin cancer and other tissue pathologies, the measurement of the skin ageing index, rapid analysis of biopsies, stem cell and neuron tracking in transgenic mice, the evaluation of sunscreen nanoparticles, testing of anti-ageing components, and skin measurements after long-term space flights.

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